‚Hipster Hitler‘ T-shirt line goes offline in Australia

07.06.2011                      5.Siwan, 5771                      Erew Schawuot; Tag 49 des Omer


'Hipster Hitler' T-shirt line goes offline in Australia

Australian-based online T-shirt vendor removes offensive clothing items after receiving complaints from the Jewish community.

An Australian-based online vendor has withdrawn T-shirts that satirized Hitler and the Holocaust following complaints by the Jewish community, it announced on Monday.
Red Bubble, a company based in Melbourne that markets the works of more than 150,000 artists worldwide, this week stopped selling the “Hipster Hitler” line of T-shirts that parody the Holocaust with slogans such as “Eastside Westside Genocide,” “Back to the Fuhrer,” and “Three Reichs And You’re Out.”…