Housing minister’s pro-Haredi housing plans to be revised

29.01.2012                      05.Schwat. 5772


Housing minister's pro-Haredi housing plans to be revised

Atias raced to the press with the new affordable housing criteria, but neglected to run them by Netanyahu or treasury, say sources.

Housing and Construction Minister Ariel Atias announced the new criteria for affordable housing eligibility this week before they had been approved by the prime minister or other ministers. His contentious plan is likely to be changed considerably before going into effect, sources said over the weekend.
Atias presented the new criteria on Wednesday. The announcement drew fire because the criteria ignored the Trajtenberg committee's proposal to give preference to people who performed army service and couples where both parents work. Instead, they included measures that were likely to favor the ultra-Orthodox, who are the main constituency of Atias' Shas party….