IDF warns soldiers of kidnappings ahead of Gilad Shalit’s release

18.10.2011                      20.Tischrei. 5772                       Chol Hamo'ed 4


IDF warns soldiers of kidnappings ahead of Gilad Shalit's release

Army tells soldiers to do anything necessary, including endangering comrades, to avoid abduction.

The Israel Defense Forces is telling its combat units that soldiers should make sure not to become "another Gilad Shalit" and be abducted.
"I deliver this message in any discussion in which the topic of Gilad Shalit or other POWs comes up," an infantry battalion commander said. "Under no circumstances should a soldier be taken hostage. Our soldiers do their utmost to prevent this from happening – they [are ordered] to fire at a group of abductors even if that means their IDF comrade would be killed. And the soldiers understand this fully: They cannot become another Gilad Shalit."…