In Jerusalem, braving the stinging chill of Israel’s social winter

28.01.2012                      04.Schwat. 5772                      Bo

Jerusalemer Zeltler:

In Jerusalem, braving the stinging chill of Israel's social winter

With nowhere else to go, the tent-dwellers of Sacher Park are enduring the cold, their only joy coming from a court ruling that they can keep freezing in their makeshift abodes.

Alechko is making coffee. He walks out of his tiny makeshift tent, which has barely enough room for a single person and a bed. His belongings are piled off to the side, trampled in the mud on the other side of the "hot spot," which is what they call the section of the tent where coals are still flickering in the stove.
Alechko places a sooty kettle on the fire, near which some kittens are keeping warm….