Israel air force prepping for ‚air terrorism‘ with real-life scenarios

22.04.2011                      18.Nisan, 5771                      Chel Hamo'ed 2; Tag 3 des Omer


Israel air force prepping for 'air terrorism' with real-life scenarios

To defend the country's airspace, endless surveillance of the air traffic in neighboring countries is required, using a quick warning system and permanent readiness of interceptors.

Captain Yotam, a reservist officer sitting in front of the control console at Mount Meron, is communicating with a pair of F-16I fighters, somewhere over the Mediterranean. The pilots set off to check into a warning about a suspicious civilian aircraft moving dangerously close to an area that Israel considers sensitive – the Tethys Sea offshore platform west of Ashkelon, drilling for natural gas.
The lead pilot reports that he has identified a foreign warplane moving near the civilian aircraft, and is hiding behind it. The dilemma facing both the pilots and the captain at the controls is complex: How can they shoot down the fighter plane if it attempts to enter the no-fly zone without hitting the civilian airliner?…