Israel at 63: Where’s the optimism?

12.05.2011                      08.Ijar, 5771                      Tag 22 des Omer; Ta'anit BH'B


Israel at 63: Where's the optimism?

Taking the long-term perspective: The fundamentals, forces, structures and values that made us optimistic 18 years ago are weakening.

Haim's letter arrived just before Independence Day. Haim, a faithful reader of my column for 18 years, was upset. Bitter, even. Haim even remembers how his wife would read the column aloud to him as they drove to work.
In recent years, Haim complained in his letter, this column has taken a critical turn, not to say – pessimistic. Each week this column takes the Israeli economy's structure to task, spotlighting its warps and weaknesses and the threats it faces. "Enough!" lamented Haim, in rather sharper language. He wanted the optimism back….