Israel believes Hamas trying to establish ‚balance of terror‘

08.04.2011                      04.Nisan, 5771


Israel believes Hamas trying to establish 'balance of terror'

According to senior defense source, Hamas' prime minister has no control over the situation in Gaza; information gathered from Thursday's bus attack show the shooters knew the target contained children.

A 16-year-old Israeli was critically injured on Thursday when an anti-tank missile fired from the Gaza Strip hit a school bus near Kibbutz Sa'ad. The missile attack was followed by additional mortar shelling from Gaza. The launch occurred just four to five kilometers from the target, from a point where it was clear students were on board and it was possible to keep the bus within sight.

A senior defense source told Haaretz on Thursday night that he believes this was an act by the military wing of the organization, and that their aim was to deter Israel and establish a "balance of terror."…