‚Israel‘ removed from PA guide to proper terms

20.06.2012                      30.Siwan. 5772                      Rosch Chodesch 1

Politisch Korrekt:

'Israel' removed from PA guide to proper terms

Palestinian Authority's "guide" to politically correct terms replaces Israel with "Israeli colonialism".

For years the Israeli media and numerous politicians have come under criticism in some circles for using words such as “settlements” and “West Bank”, with the critics arguing that these are negative terms that play into the Palestinian narrative….

Einige Beispiele für politisch korrekte Bezeichnungen zur Benutzung durch Westjordanland-Araber:

nicht korrekt –> korrekt

Israel –> Israeli colonialism

Magen David Adom –> Six-pointed Star

Palestinian terror –> resistance

Palestinian terrorists –> resistance members

suicide bombing operations –> martyrdom-seeking operations

Israeli defense minister –> Israeli minister of war

Israel Defense Forces –> Israeli Occupation forces

separation barrier –> racist separation fence

East Jerusalem –> Arab Jerusalem

Green Line –> 1967 borders