Israel stooped to Al Jazeera’s level with photos of murdered Itamar family

18.03.2011                      12.Adar ll, 5771


Israel stooped to Al Jazeera's level with photos of murdered Itamar family

The release of the photos of the five slain members of the Fogel family reflects the frustration of Israel's PR machine.

Driving back and forth from Itamar this week, I stopped on Monday to have a quick coffee with a colleague in a tiny restaurant in one of the Palestinian villages along the Jerusalem-Nablus highway. It was a warm day and I put my jacket on the chair, inevitably forgetting it there when we left. I realized my absentmindedness only hours later, back in Jerusalem.
The loss of the old jacket would not normally cause me much anguish, but in its pockets were my two passports and a checkbook. I had no idea what the restaurant was called or how I could find its phone number, I only had a vague recollection of its location. There was no other option but to set out once again, as dusk set in, on the winding road northward through the heart of the West Bank….