Israeli art students‘ misconceived homage to Nachum Gutman

27.10.2011                      29.Tischrei. 5772


Israeli art students' misconceived homage to Nachum Gutman

Bezalel exhibition forges a shallow connection to the past.

The connection between Nachum Gutman (1898-1980 ) and graduate students at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem is not arbitrary, say curators of the exhibition "What Does It Mean to Interpret a Tradition?"
"Gutman was one of the first students at Boris Schatz's old Bezalel, and his oeuvre, especially that of the 1920s, has become a part of the canon of Israeli art," say the curators – Monica Lavie, curator of the Gutman Museum in Tel Aviv, and David Ginton, a lecturer at Bezalel. "The participating students were free to choose."…