Israel’s Dead Sea to get its first gender-divided beach

23.09.2011                      24.Elul, 5771


Israel's Dead Sea to get its first gender-divided beach

The section of beach in question had been set aside for separate bathing of men and women, to serve the ultra-Orthodox, years ago. But it deteriorated over the years because of the rising sea water and salt damage.

The Monday after Spencer Tunick snapped his historic photograph of more than a thousand nude people at the Dead Sea, a convey of official cars drove down to the lowest place on earth. At the Zohar estuary on the southern shore of the lake, rabbis, cabinet ministers, Knesset members and their minions emerged from the cars.
Everyone was effusive in their praise for the head of the Tamar Regional Council, Dov Litvinov, for his decision to establish a strictly separate bathing beach for men and women….