Israel’s latest thorny legacy of 1948

02.07.2011                      30.Siwan, 5771                      Chukat


Israel's latest thorny legacy of 1948

Israel's battle against wayward right-wing rabbis summons up a recollection of the fledgling Israeli government's handling of the Altalena affair.

Moshe Hagar is a colonel in the reserves, formerly a deputy division commander, head of the mechina pre-military preparatory program in the West Bank settlement of Beit Yatir and chairman of the mechina association. In April he invited himself to Central Command's military court to testify on behalf of Netanel B., who had been convicted of illegal use of a weapon, abuse and disgraceful conduct.
These alleged transgressions took place in Netanel's ultra-Orthodox Nahal unit. Netanel and other soldiers handcuffed and blindfolded a Palestinian prisoner, before aiming their weapons at him, cursing him, and photographing him. They then showed the pictures to other soldiers in their company and at their base. One of the accused was sentenced to five months in prison, in a plea bargain….