Israel’s rich grew richer over last decade

01.05.2012                      09.Ijar. 5772                    Tag 24 des Omer


Israel's rich grew richer over last decade

Adva Center says employers' share of national income grew almost four times that of workers.

Israel's national income grew by more than a third in the decade to 2011, but most of the increase went to employers rather than wage earners, according to a report by the Adva Center policy analysis institute.
Salaried employees saw their combined income grow just 23% in the period, while employers' income jumped 85%, according to the study by researchers Shlomo Swirski and Etty Konor-Attias. As a result, wage earners' share of total national income declined in 2011 to 63% of the total, down six percentage points than a decade earlier. The employers' share, however, climbed to 13%, from 8-9% in 2001….