Jerusalem’s unique spirit helped us over the finish line

27.03.2011                      21.Adar ll, 5771


Jerusalem's unique spirit helped us over the finish line

Runner's notebook: With a terror attack fresh in our memories, the J'lem Marathon was a testament to resilient, vibrant lives in the capital.

It was a unique Jerusalem moment: on one side of Haim Bar-Lev Avenue/Highway 1, about 30 young black-hatted yeshiva boys stood behind a fence, silently, and watched the runners pass. Three minutes later, on the other side of the road, a young boy and his father, both in traditional Arab dress, ran along the sidewalk, trying to keep pace with the runners.
As when I’d glimpsed the Dome of the Rock between the trees while circling Hebrew Univerity, or run on the cobblestones of Zion Gate and up the hills of Rehavia, it was an inescapable reminder: This is Jerusalem….