J’lem Day interview with photographer Rubinger

20.05.2012                      28.Ijar. 5772                    Jerusalemtag; Tag 43 des Omer


J'lem Day interview with photographer Rubinger

Photojournalist David Rubinger remains as vocal and opinionated about his city and the country’s future as he is active with his camera.

Photojournalist David Rubinger has been described as “the common thread” – the link between events collectively comprising the history of the modern state of Israel. Long before Rubinger shot the iconic classic of three soldiers, faces apparently awash in awesome amazement as they gazed upon the just-liberated Western Wall during the 1967 war, the Vienna-native-turned-Jerusalemite was the proverbial “fly on the wall” in meetings between Israel’s founding fathers and the world leaders who came to visit. From Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, to Menachem Begin in his role as host for the historic visit of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat; each and every personage for more than six decades was chronicled through the lens of David Rubinger. His photos were often the image of the Jewish state that the world would see through its publication in Time-Life publications, his employer for more than 50 years….