Krauthammer: Israel has ‚given away‘ claim to West Bank

14.04.2011                      10.Nisan, 5771

Interview: ( mit Video )

Krauthammer: Israel has 'given away' claim to West Bank

Pulitzer-Prize winning columnist, in wide-ranging broadcast interview, also discusses Iran, "Arab Spring" and American foreign policy.

Charles Krauthammer, the Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist and political commentator, believes Israel has “given away” its claim to the West Bank and may also be 'losing' what he called the “battle to hang on to Jerusalem.”
 “Israel's diplomacy, unfortunately, tragically, catastrophically … has given away the legitimacy of its claim on the West Bank,” Krauthammer told “Inside Israel's” Mordechai Twersky in a wide-ranging phone interview, April 12. “Now you have to face reality; now you live in a new world, and you have to accept it.”…