Lawyer’s Language: Home sweet home

23.11.2011                      26.Cheschwan. 5772


Lawyer's Language: Home sweet home

Lawyer Caroline Walsh answers your questions about coping with the Israeli legal system.

Although many of us have a smattering or even a fairly good grasp of Hebrew for every-day purposes, when it comes to official documents it's almost impossible to make sense of these in a foreign language. If your mother- tongue is not Hebrew but you live or have interests in Israel, you may have accepted the fact you will be forced to sign documents in Hebrew which you don't understand – but is that wise? You don’t need a lawyer to tell you the answer is no and, more than that, it's often not really necessary. Did you know that you can get bank statements in English and that most of the Israeli banks can give you access to their on-line services in English as well?
When it comes to legally-binding documents, even more caution should be exercised. You should certainly not sign anything in Hebrew if you don't fully understand the contents or implications, especially if you have the option to sign in English….