‚Lebanon is 7 years behind Israel in oil, gas fields‘

23.07.2011                      21.Tammus, 5771                      Matot


'Lebanon is 7 years behind Israel in oil, gas fields'

UN official urges Beirut to focus attention on searching Mediterranean for natural resources, offers to help in border dispute, 'As-Safir' reports.

Lebanon is at least seven years behind Israel in terms of developing its maritime natural gas and oil fields, Lebanese newspaper As-Safir reported United Nations special representative Michael Williams as saying Thursday. Williams urged Lebanon to begin passing laws that would allow energy companies to begin searching for oil and natural gas in Lebanon's Mediterranean coast.
Williams also said that the UN was committed to the implementation of UN resolution 1701, which ended hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah in 2006 and supported the territorial integrity of Lebanon within its internationally recognized borders, including those borders at sea….