‚Lebanon turmoil unlikely to descend into clash‘

13.01.2011                     8.Shevat, 5771


'Lebanon turmoil unlikely to descend into clash'

Former deputy head of the Mossad tells 'Post' that Hizbullah's resignation from Lebanese gov't not likely to develop int full-scale civil war, or military conflict between terror group, Israel.

The political crisis in Lebanon, sparked by Wednesday’s resignation of Hizbullah from the government, is unlikely to develop into a full-scale civil war, or into a military clash between Hizbullah and Israel for the time being, according to the evaluation of a former senior Mossad official.
Ilan Mizrahi, former deputy head of the Mossad, and former head of the National Security Council, held a conference call with journalists from around the world on Wednesday, organized by The Israel Projekt, an organization that describes itself as providing factual information about the Middle East….