Libyan’s protest Jew attempting to reopen synagogue

07.10.2011                      09.Tischrei. 5772                      Erew Jom Kippur


Libyan's protest Jew attempting to reopen synagogue

Libyan-Italian citizen David Gerbi: My faith in God gives me strength; armed gunman force Gerbi, crew retreat to hotel.

An Italian-Libyan Jew, by his mere presence in Libya, has provoked an outburst of latent anti-Semitism, cultivated for over 40 years by the Gaddafi regime.
David Gerbi’s simple act of devotion in cleaning out the filth of an abandoned, decaying synagogue in Tripoli and asserting his right as a Jew to pray there for the High Holy Days, is being used to justify an angry protest rally that will take place in Tripoli’s main square Friday evening, coinciding with the onset of Yom Kippur….