Marie’s musical freedom

21.05.2011                      17.Ijar, 5771                      Bechukotai; Tag 32 des Omer


Marie's musical freedom

Despite advice and threats to the contrary, US jazz singer Rene Marie will give seven concerts in the upcoming Hot Jazz series.

Some years ago, US-born Jerusalemite saxophonist and jazz teacher Arnie Lawrence observed that jazz musicians are warriors rather than worriers. Rene Marie certainly fits the epithet.
For a start, the 55-year-old Denver, Colorado-based vocalist taught herself to read music when she was only nine. “My mother was giving my older brother piano lessons, and I used to sit behind him when he practiced. He’d have one finger on a note and another finger on the keyboard, so that’s how I figured out that the note on the page corresponded to a note on the keyboard. It got to the point that if he didn’t play something right, I would tell him it was the wrong note,” says Marie, who will be in Israel next week to play seven concerts around the country as part of this year’s Hot Jazz series (May 21-28)….