McDonald’s Israel slashes price of benchmark Big Mac

16.04.2012                      24.Nissan. 5772                     Tag 9 des Omer


McDonald's Israel slashes price of benchmark Big Mac

Burger's price known as international economic benchmark demonstrating purchasing power.

If it is true that the price of a Big Mac is the best gauge of measuring a country’s purchasing-power parity, then Israel became a whole lot more affordable for its inhabitants overnight.
McDonald’s Israel slashed prices on a range of products at its 160-plus branches Sunday, including the benchmark Big Mac, which it cut from NIS 15.90 to NIS 11.90. Big Mac, Easy Mac, McFish Royal, McNugget and Corn-on-the-cob meal deals were reduced 16 percent from NIS 34.90 to NIS 29.90. Family meal deals were slashed by as much as 12%….