‚Men commanding women in IDF ‘contravenes Torah“

07.10.2011                      10.Cheschwan. 5772                      Ta'anit BH"B


'Men commanding women in IDF ‘contravenes Torah''

Hardline Rabbi Dov Lior tells students not take up positions in IDF where they would have to command women to protect modesty.

Leading religious-Zionist Rabbi Dov Lior told yeshiva students on Sunday they should not take up positions in the army in which they would need to be in command of female soldiers.
Lior was responding to a question from a student at the Nir hesder yeshiva in Kiryat Arba, who asked whether or not it was permissible according to Jewish law to command female soldiers. According to the website Kipa, Lior answered, “regarding the issue of modesty, it is for certain that commanding girls contravenes the Torah.”…