MKs furious with gov’t hindering of Ethiopian aliya

22.02.2012                      29.Schwat. 5772                      Jom Kippur Katan


MKs furious with gov't hindering of Ethiopian aliya

Instead of speeding up aliya of thousands in dire conditions, “gov't is finding all reasons to slow it down”, MK says.

Knesset members grew increasingly frustrated Tuesday as they tried to understand why the government was continuing to hinder the flow of aliya from Ethiopia, even after it committed just over a year ago to allow thousands of Ethiopians of Jewish heritage to immigrate.
Speaking at an emergency hearing of the Knesset’s Aliya, Absorption and Diaspora Committee, National Union MK Uri Ariel said that instead of speeding up the aliya of thousands of Ethiopian Jews living in dire conditions in Gondar, “the government is finding all different reasons to slow it down”….