Morsy denies Iranian interview on peace ‚review‘

26.06.2012                      06.Tammus. 5772


Morsy denies Iranian interview on peace 'review'

Egyptian president-elect’s spokesman calls reported Fars News interview dealing with Camp David, Iran a "fabrication".

Egypt’s president-elect Mohamed Morsy denied on Monday that he told an Iranian news outlet of his plans to “review” the country’s 1979 peace treaty with Israel and to renew his country’s ties with Tehran.
Iran’s Fars News, which has ties to the Revolutionary Guards, published a lengthy interview on its Persian language website on Monday, which it said Morsy gave in Cairo hours before the official runoff results were declared on Sunday. The news agency even released what it claims is an audio tape of the interview, although pan-Arabic news channel Al-Arabiya quoted unnamed experts who said that the voice on the recording was not Morsy’s….