Mubarak’s refusal to step down provokes rage on Egypt’s streets

11.02.2011                     07.Adar l, 5771

Mubaraks Rede:

Mubarak's refusal to step down provokes rage on Egypt's streets

Egyptian president's televised address fails to meet expectations of anti-government protesters that have demanded his ouster for the last 17 days.

President Hosni Mubarak further provoked rage on Egypt's streets on Thursday when he said he would hand powers to his deputy, disappointing protesters who had been expecting him to step down altogether after two weeks of unrest.
Hundreds of thousands of people had gathered in Cairo's central Tahrir Square to hear the president speak. It was quiet when he finished. Then a storm of rage erupted, fists were raised and some people brandished their shoes, a sign of insult in the Muslim world….