Muslim Brotherhood rally vows to ‚kill all Jews‘

27.11.2011                      01.Kislev. 5772                      Rosch Chodesch


Muslim Brotherhood rally vows to 'kill all Jews'

Organizers at Cairo's iconic al-Azhar Mosque warn against "Judaization of Jerusalem".

A Muslim Brotherhood rally in Cairo on Friday at the Sunni world’s most prestigious center of learning turned into a call for genocide, with protesters pledging to “one day kill all Jews”.
Eldad Beck, Ynet’s Arab affairs correspondent, reported from Cairo that some 5,000 people attended the rally at al-Azhar Mosque, convened to coincide with the anniversary of the approval of the 1947 UN Partition Plan for Palestine.
The event, organizers said, was aimed at rallying Egyptians behind the “battle against Jerusalem’s Judaization”….