Netanyahu posts his own ‚Bibi-bomb‘ on Facebook

27.10.2011                      29.Tischrei. 5772


Netanyahu posts his own 'Bibi-bomb' on Facebook

PM responds with humor to a wave of photoshopped images showing him looking on to various historical events and smiling; own 'Bibi-bomb' includes speech bubble, saying 'Doogri, you made me laugh'.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded with humor on Wednesday to the "Bibi-bomb" images being circulated on Facebook, by posting a similar image on his own Facebook page.
The image includes a photo of Netanyahu addressing the 66th UN General Assembly at the UN headquarters this year, upon which lies a superimposed image of the smiling prime minister. A speech bubble emerges from Netanyahu's smiling mouth saying, "Doogri, you made me laugh." The word "Doogri" means "honestly", or "straightforward"….