Netanyahu will be remembered as Gilad Shalit’s redeemer

12.10.2011                      14.Tischrei. 5772                       Erew Sukkot


Netanyahu will be remembered as Gilad Shalit's redeemer

In the next few days the people of Israel will be overjoyed and share the happiness of the Shalit family; but in two, three or four months, the mood might change drastically.

Benjamin Netanyahu reached his decision. After 30 months and 10 days as prime minister, Netanyahu faced his ministers – and before that his conscience, beliefs and ideology – and reached the most difficult decision of his second term as prime minister. The Shalit agreement is the most important deal of his life, and as things stand now – the most important decision of his present government. Netanyahu didn't start a war. Nor did he sign a peace treaty. And meanwhile he hasn't found a way to calm and pacify the social protest movement.
But he will forever be remembered as the man who brought back Gilad Shalit after more than five years of cruel imprisonment….