Netanyahu’s government has proven it fits in well in the Middle East

10.08.2011                      10.Aw-Elul, 5771

Israelischer Sommer:

Netanyahu's government has proven it fits in well in the Middle East

When the Arab Spring began, with revolutions sweeping across Tunisia, Egypt and Syria, I thought Israel was different. I thought that here, they wouldn't whip out non-solutions, heedless of cost, just to please the masses.

No question about it, the establishment of the Trajtenberg Committee is another embarrassment for the Finance Ministry. The people at the treasury are skulking about, bruised and shattered, unable to understand how they fell so far. The fact that the panel for socioeconomic change is headed by an outsider, not the director general of the ministry or its budgets director, proves how weak the ministry and Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz have become.
This is bad not only image-wise, but substantively too. The classic role of the treasury is to build budgets based on its constant monitoring of economic conditions and limitations on tax revenue. An outsider surrounded by outside experts might not realize just where the limits really are and could cause real harm. Just look at the report David Brodet's team penned on the defense establishment, recommending that it get tens of billions of extra shekels. From where? Not its problem….