Netanyahu’s ‚triumph‘ at the UN was followed by humiliation at home

08.10.2011                      10.Tischrei. 5772                      Jom Kippur


Netanyahu's 'triumph' at the UN was followed by humiliation at home

After feeling triumphant at the UN, Netanyahu could not manage this week to muster a majority of ministers to approve the Trajtenberg recommendations.

From his heights of happiness at the United Nations in New York, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu landed straight into humiliation at home. It was inflicted first by his coalition partners, with respect to approving the Trajtenberg committee's recommendations, and thereafter by the medical interns, who turned him down after he finally deigned to meet with them.
Upon his return two days before Rosh Hashanah, Netanyahu went to his office, received Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg's recommendations for social change and announced that he would have the cabinet approve them as soon as possible. Neither Netanyahu nor Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz had to reserve much of their holiday to acquaint themselves with the 267-page report's conclusions. They knew them in advance and wanted to finish with the report as quickly as possible: to submit it to the cabinet, get its recommendations approved and send it to the Knesset posthaste….