New Dudu Fisher Holocaust film shines spotlight on survivors‘ silence

25.01.2014                      24.Schwat.5774                      Mischpatim

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New Dudu Fisher Holocaust film shines spotlight on survivors' silence

'Post' explores film with new angle on Holocaust as world gears up for International Remembrance Day.

"One can be taken out of Auschwitz, but you can never take Auschwitz out of him." This is the premise of a new film called Opening Night, which aims to ensure that the new generation connects to the story of the Holocaust. The 15-minute movie follows the character of Mark, an Auschwitz survivor, played by legendary Israeli cantor and Broadway star Dudu Fisher. Opening Night is set in 1971, and deals with Mark's silence regarding the atrocities he went through during the war, particularly the loss of his relatives. One day his son discovers photos of his past family, which was annihilated in the Holocaust, and confronts him….