‚No doubt Egyptian army will honor peace with Israel‘

21.03.2011                      15.Adar ll, 5771


'No doubt Egyptian army will honor peace with Israel'

Egyptian political player Tarek Heggy states that "Israel is not the cause of our problems"; says leader like Yitzhak Rabin needed in ME conflict.

Tarek Heggy, a secular Egyptian dissident, writer, scholar and former multinational executive – and rising star in Egypt’s new political horizon – says he is optimistic about the future of democracy in Egypt, and has no doubt that the Egyptian Army will honor the Camp David peace agreements.
“Israel is not the cause of our problems” he told The Jerusalem Post in an exclusive interview after addressing the Foreign Affairs Committee of Italy’s Chamber of Deputies last week. “We ourselves are the cause – having tolerated for decades medieval monarchies or military dictatorships in the form of republics where rulers were ‘owners’ and the people ‘objects.’”…