No method in the madness of Israel’s government

19.11.2011                      22.Cheschwan. 5772                      Chaje Sarah


No method in the madness of Israel's government

Patients may be dying, human rights activists may be terrorized, but the people of Israel live.

There is in our society no comprehensive system, in the full sense of the term: The political system is separated from the health system; the cabinet and the Knesset are separate planets. Any alien who would happen to visit here would draw the conclusion that health matters are handled not by the health system, but rather by the Supreme Court. Patients might be dying, but the people of Israel lives. The hospitals are collapsing, but the government coalition is alive and kicking – and that's what counts. For Benjamin Netanyahu, having a single Yaakov Litzman in hand is worth more than hundreds of men and women physicians who have gone out on a limb, even if the deputy health minister doesn't have a clue as to what the striking doctors want, as he admitted Wednesday in a radio interview.
This week, even the High Court of Justice scolded the government for its handling of the doctors' debacle. The Finance Ministry was of the belief that the crisis had dissipated, that the protesting medical residents had grown weary, even fallen asleep during their long, exhausting hospital shifts. Suddenly, they are arising anew, impatiently throwing off their scrubs and heading home. Their stethoscopes have turned into something that strangles them; they are able neither to do their work or to resign….