Obama’s other first lady

13.10.2011                      15.Tischrei. 5772                       Sukkot 1


Obama's other first lady

Jewish, liberal and Floridian, Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz has all the traits needed to drum up support for the president ahead of the 2012 elections. His poll numbers may be sagging, but the new Democratic leader isn't worried.

U.S. Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz loves to say that even if she fails: "I am not ever going to lose because I got outworked." Since the energetic, 45-year-old Representative from Florida took on the post of Democratic National Committee chair in May, she's visited 20 states, raising money and trying to energize activists ahead of the 2012 elections.
An interview with her must be squeezed between meetings, on the way to her light-pink office at DNC headquarters in Washington from her dark-red Congressional office (with her collection of Mickey Mouse paraphernalia – a nod to her home state's Disney World, divided between the two ); during her lunch break, answering the questions holding on her lap a salad taken from a green insulated lunch box; and in the car, on her way to a Jewish holiday reception at Vice President Joseph Biden's residence – from which she rushes back to the Capitol to vote, and then goes on to give a speech in the evening at a DNC event in Arlington, Virginia….