‚Oil shale can bring energy security and independence‘

01.07.2011                      29.Siwan, 5771


'Oil shale can bring energy security and independence'

Experts say drilling will be clean and won’t leave a footprint; IEI’s shale extraction process aims to produce 40 billion barrels of oil.

Shooting out of a pipe at the Zoharim oil shale drilling site southwest of Beit Shemesh on Wednesday morning was the first shale sample from the location – an 80-centimeter-long, 15-centimeter-diameter, grayish cylinder of sediment – that had just been shuttled 331 meters upward by a sweating, hard-hat-outfitted crew.
“It’s like a birth,” Dana Kadmiel, environmental engineer for Israel Energy Initiatives, told The Jerusalem Post from the sidelines….