Online database helps ‘hidden Jews’ find roots

28.12.2011                      02.Tewet. 5772                       Channuka 8

Jüdische Welt:

Online database helps ‘hidden Jews’ find roots allows potential descendants of those who fled the Spanish Inquisition to search their ancestry.

They were dispersed across the globe more than 500 years ago and took great pains to hide their true identities, but now, thanks to a new online database, Anusim, hidden Jews whose ancestors were forced to assimilate or convert during the Spanish Inquisition, might be able to trace their Jewish past.
With backing from a group of anonymous donors, was launched last week amidst little fanfare. Thanks to an extensive database of Sephardic Jewish names and meanings, anyone who suspects that they might have links to Judaism can begin their research by looking up the origins of their surname….