Palestinians set up diplomatic ‚war room‘ ahead of September vote on statehood

04.07.2011                      02.Tammus, 5771


Palestinians set up diplomatic 'war room' ahead of September vote on statehood

Foreign Ministry internal documents reveal PA set up 'war room' to coordinate rallying of international support for September vote.

The Palestinian Authority has a plan for diplomatic counterattack to Israel's efforts to foil recognition of a Palestinian state at the United Nations General Assembly in September, according to internal Foreign Ministry documents. Ahead of the fateful vote, Israel and the PA are scrambling for every vote, even in the most distant corners of the world.
Until two months ago, the Palestinian leadership believed it was going to score an easy diplomatic victory at the UN. However, the Foreign Ministry's campaign against the Palestinian effort, first reported by Haaretz weeks ago, bore significant fruit and created momentum to counter the Palestinian move – with the United States, Germany, Italy and Canada announcing publicly they would vote against recognition of a Palestinian state in the General Assembly….