Paris synagogue bomber’s extradition approved

07.06.2011                      5.Siwan, 5771                      Erew Schawuot; Tag 49 des Omer


Paris synagogue bomber's extradition approved

Hassan Diab may be sent from Canada to France to face murder charges for 1980 explosion at Copernic Street Synagogue; he claims innocence.

The extradition order for Hassan Diab, the Lebanese-born Canadian professor accused of a deadly 1980 bombing outside of a synagogue in Paris, was approved on Monday.
Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Maranger signed the order, which makes it possible for Diab to be transferred to France and tried for murder. The judge cited Canda's extradition treaty with France, but also noted that France has a "weak case" against the 57-year-old and the chances of conviction are low….