PM in Moscow questions Abbas‘ desire to end conflict

25.03.2011                      19.Adar ll, 5771


PM in Moscow questions Abbas' desire to end conflict

Netanyahu compares Iran's Khamenei to Hitler; blames Abbas for allowing education "toward hate"; meets Putin, Medvedev, Russian FM.

Amid the worst violence Israel has faced since he came to power two years ago, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said in Moscow on Thursday that it was not clear whether Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas genuinely wanted to end the conflict with Israel.
“Abu Mazen [Abbas] speaks peace to the world, but domestically there is incitement and education toward hate,” Netanyahu said. “And who do they blame? The settlers. That is not the problem; The first thing that needs to be discussed is the root of the problem: that the Palestinians don’t recognize our existence alongside them.”…