Poetry in currency: Israel’s banknotes bring new faces to old money

11.03.2011                      05.Adar ll, 5771

Neue Banknoten:

Poetry in currency: Israel's banknotes bring new faces to old money

Bank of Israel to put wordsmiths on new banknotes, after governor forfeits demand to include politicians Begin and Rabin on bills.

Starting next year the images of four of the great poets in Hebrew literature will appear on our banknotes: two women, Leah Goldberg and Rachel (Bluwstein ), and two men, Shaul Tchernichovsky and Nathan Alterman.
That was the recent decision of the Bank of Israel's Committee for the Planning of Banknotes, Coins and Commemorative Coins, headed by former Supreme Court justice Jacob Turkel. On Thursday, Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer approved the committee's recommendations and will soon submit them for government approval….