Police detain 6 ‚flytilla‘ activists at Ben-Gurion airport

15.04.2012                      23.Nissan. 5772                     Isru Chag; Tag 8 des Omer


Police detain 6 'flytilla' activists at Ben-Gurion airport

Pro-Palestinian activists begin to trickle into Israel as hundreds of police officers dispersed to prevent disturbances; dozens of activists barred from boarding flights protest in Paris and Brussels.

Police detained six pro-Palestinian activists who flew to Israel as part of the "flytilla" protest on Sunday morning.
Hundreds of unarmed police officers were guarding the airport on Sunday, with anywhere from 500 to 1,000 activists expected to try to land in Israel, according to police estimates. Israel plans to bar entry to some 2,000 activists total from at least 15 different countries, mostly in Europe, either by preventing them from boarding their flights or by deporting them once they arrive….