‚Portrayal of Israel as refusing peace a great injustice‘

14.05.2011                      10.Ijar, 5771                      Behar; Tag 25 des Omer


'Portrayal of Israel as refusing peace a great injustice'

Politics: A candid interview with Kadima powerhouse Dalia Itzik on regional change and prime ministerial inaction.

Kadima Faction Chairwoman Dalia Itzik has seen the opening of a Knesset session or two – actually more like three dozen – in her nearly 20 years in the legislature. But this coming session, set to open officially next Monday, will be different, she says.
While previous years have focused on a wide and diverse range of issues from disengagement to child subsidies, the upcoming Summer Session will open in the shadow of regional events that, though Israel had no hand in their creation, have everything to do with the future of the state….