Reporter’s Notebook: Capturing Pillar of Defense

10.12.2012                      26.Kislew. 5773                      Channuka 2


Reporter's Notebook: Capturing Pillar of Defense

JPost video reporter Hadas Parush talks about capturing the scenes of terror and destruction in the South.

The first time I heard a Code Red siren was on the first night of IDF Operation Pillar of Defense. The siren sounded just as I slowed down at a red light at the entrance to Beersheba, the first stop in the search for sites where rockets had fallen. During the whole drive down, my colleagues, reporter Ben Hartman and photographer Marc Israel Sellem, had been rehearsing the scenario of what to do in case there is a Code Red alert while we are in the car. So, I was surprised at myself when I responded by simply putting the car in Park and bolting, leaving the engine running, the doors open, and all my camera gear inside….