Rice (paper) is nice

19.11.2011                      22.Cheschwan. 5772                      Chaje Sarah


Rice (paper) is nice

Thin discs from Vietnam make delicate little rolls that are perfect for entertaining.

Whether you’re looking for a party ice breaker, non-gluten hors d’oeuvres or a clever and creative way to foster team spirit among friends and/or associates, rice paper is for you. Not the kind you write on, of course, but the wrapped rice paper discs sold in the sushi section of most supermarkets, health food stores and shops that specialize in Asian foods.
Originating in Vietnam, where it is the basis for light and fantastic stuffed spring rolls and summer rolls with different fillings, rice paper is made of white rice flour, tapioca flour and salt. It comes in two sizes – small discs (15.5 cm. diameter) and large. The small discs make delicate little rolls that are perfect for entertaining; the larger discs hold a more substantial amount of filling and can be cut in half for a first course or eaten whole for a light lunch. Tip: When buying rice paper, look for packages with unbroken pieces inside…


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