Rothschild campsite observes silence for Tisha Be’av

09.08.2011                      09.Aw-Elul, 5771                      Tischa BeAw


Rothschild campsite observes silence for Tisha BeAw

Signs set up throughout Tel Aviv tent city telling locals there will be no dance parties or performances during evening of fast.

There was a noticeably quieter atmosphere along the length of Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard on Monday evening, as Tisha BeAw came in after sunset.
Trance parties and impromptu jazz parties were replaced by a series of lectures and a number of campsites where readings of the Book of Lamentations were held. At busier spots throughout the boulevard, such as the Student Union headquarters and the main kitchen at the corner of Rothschild and Marmorek, signs were posted calling on people to respect the fast, and notifying passersby that there would be no music parties, performances or entertainment scheduled for the night, and called on all residents to “please participate in showing respect for this day.”…