Salehi: Iran ‚always ready for war,‘ will respond fiercely

03.10.2011                      06.Cheschwan. 5772                      Ta'anit BH"B


Salehi: Iran 'always ready for war,' will respond fiercely

Salehi tells Turkish 'Hurriyet' that Iran is confident in Iranian defenses: "We've been hearing Israeli threats for 8 years"; comments come after IDF missile test, joint exercise in Sardinia.

Iran is "always ready for war, Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi told Turkish daily Hurriyet on Thursday, adding that if any country tried to insult Iran, it would respond fiercely.
The comments were made a day after Israel successfully test-launched a missile and announced the completion of a joint exercise between the Israel Air Force, Italy and NATO in Sardinia, both of which occurred amidst intense media speculation about possible plans to strike Iran….