‚Saudi-Bahrain union is US-Zionist backed plot‘

19.05.2012                      27.Ijar. 5772                    Behar-Beschukotai; Tag 42 des Omer


'Saudi-Bahrain union is US-Zionist backed plot'

Iranian protesters denounce union plan; influential cleric brands idea as an "ill-fated plot" that Muslims won't tolerate.

Thousands of Iranians rallied on Friday against plans for union between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, state television showed, and an influential cleric denounced the idea as an "ill-fated plot taking place with the American and Zionist green light".
Tension between Iran and US-allied Gulf Arab states has run high in recent months with Arab leaders accusing Tehran of fomenting Shi'ite Muslim unrest in Bahrain – a charge that Shi'ite Iran and the protesters deny….