‚Saudi hacker‘ denies that blogger unmasked him

07.01.2012                      12.Tewet. 5772                      Wajechi


'Saudi hacker' denies that blogger unmasked him

Hacker responds to reports that Amir Fedida uncovered his identity, dismissing them as "another Israeli failure"; blogger claims hacker made mistakes enabling him to trace him; file spread containing Trojan horse.

The 'Saudi hacker' responded Friday to reports that Israeli blogger Amir Fedida had uncovered his identity, denying them as "another Israeli failure", according to Channel 10 news. The hacker, going by the username "0xOmar" from "group-xp", released this week the information of thousands of Israeli credit cards, causing a media storm.
"0xOmar" reportedly stated that Omar Habib, who Amir Fedida incriminated, was an innocent man. He also bragged that it was impossible to find him, and that he knows well how to disguise himself….