‚Secret peace talks nixed in wake of Quartet plan‘

31.12.2011                      05.Tewet. 5772                      Wajigasch


'Secret peace talks nixed in wake of Quartet plan'

Peres says in 'Alsharq Alawsat' interview that behind-the-scenes talks with Abbas may continue in mid-January.

Efforts to advance the peace process in behind-the-scenes meetings between Israel and the Palestinian Authority were halted to give a chance to the new Quartet peace proposal to succeed, President Shimon Peres said in an interview with the pan-Arabic daily Alsharq Alawsat published on Friday.
Peres said in the interview that his meetings with PA President Mahmoud Abbas had been in full coordination with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. He surmised that this diplomatic channel, put on hold in September when the Quartet announced its new plan to advance the peace process, may continue in two weeks time when the Quartet proposal is set to expire….